ARI Hand Wash Starter Kit


Ari’s powder to foam formula means you can refill the empty hand wash bottle at home by mixing our powder with tap water.

1 x aluminium dispenser bottle with a foaming pump, 3 x refills

Step 1: Fill the bottle with 300 ml of warm tap water
Step 2: Add one refill tube of powder
Step 3: Shake well for 30 sec

disodium cocoyl glutamate*, sodium coco-sulfate*, citric acid*, sorbitol*, potassium sorbate*, sodium benzoate* - *certified organic

We collaborated with a team of scientists from Tallinn University, who worked for almost a year to come up with the revolutionary powder to foam formula that you can now enjoy all over the world. All our packaging materials, from refillable aluminium bottles and aluminium refills to cardboard boxes, have been rigorously vetted for their sustainability.

ARI minimises the use of water in production, packaging and shipping process, thereby reducing waste and transport emissions.

Foaming hand wash also saves water by reducing the use up to 45% per wash.

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