ARI CARES interview: Marili Kõiv, Ari’s Social Media Manager

Who do you care about the most?

As a highly sensitive person I tend to worry deeply about everyone and everything. I had to learn to focus my energy on my family and a close circle of friends to not overwhelm myself. Still, I care deeply about our beautiful Mother Earth. It makes me tear up every time I see images of people living in the midst of plastic waste or dying animals with stomachs full of garbage.

Why or how has this become important to you?

My mum has jokingly said all my life that I’m a little ‘’world saviour’’ who’s going to be saving the rainforests and the monkeys. I can’t remember where all this knowledge about Amazonian forests or the animals who live there came from, but the wish to do something about it was so sincere. Unfortunately all these years later, I haven’t managed to save the planet. But I’ve definitely made a lot of changes in my life to be better and do better.

Who or what inspires and impacts your journey?

Mostly I’m inspired by nature. In the beginning of 2020 I saw a video about puffer fish mating ritual – the male fish creates large, geometric circles in the sand in an effort to attract female puffer fish. I was in awe! BBC has called the video ‘’The Masterpiece of Love’’ and I strongly agree. Thus, I want to keep the world clean for all the animals, so they can keep creating magic.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I wish that I could fly!