Ari Cares Interview: Marii Joala

Marii Joala is a beautiful flowing soul who lives many lives at once – a dancer and choreographer by education turned into an ultimate sea lover and protector. While also working as a freelance casting manager, she lives out her love for the seas and oceans through teaching people to dive in the faraway lands of Egypt.
Marii’s deep passion for the health of the seas is manifested in the campaign “The Sea Starts Here”, aimed at improving the health of Estonian rivers, lakes, and the Baltic Sea, and, above all, raising the environmental awareness of the Estonian people by just living after her own words and speaking about things honestly and sincerely.

Who do you care about the most?

I have learned over the past few years that first of all we really need to care about ourselves and that is not something egoistic or arrogant to express and feel. I can only give love and care if I have provided myself with these things first – I mean good sleep, honest connections, good food, cold swims, alone time, phone calls with grandparents & family – then comes all else. All else for me is related to the sea and restoring our connection with it.

I feel my mission is to inspire people to re-find connection to nature in general, but especially to the sea as this is my element – to inspire feeling comfortable in all kinds of elemental forces so that we can learn to welcome change and temporary discomfort in life open heartedly.

Thirdly, I really care for how people feel about themselves. I try to make being around me as comfortable in a sense, that no one feels that they have to play a role around me, but can just be and feel that it is enough.

Why / How has this become important to you?

All of the above has to do with introspection, observing oneself from aside and trying to figure out the reasons why some things haven’t worked out the way I would have liked them to. And then there is a factor X that I feel I can’t fully explain. It’s a gut feeling connected to how I sense the world. I feel like I’m a sponge most of the time – taking in a lot of information and then making observations/conclusions on it – this also shapes me as a person day by day. I really enjoy growing.

Who or What inspires and impacts your journey?

I’m inspired by people who are honest, true to themselves. Depending on the day I can be inspired by music or all things visual or something else – I love to search for inspiration from different spaces and expect surprises. But the biggest inspiration and consoler is still Mother Nature.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I’d like to have the power of giving people around me a chance to look at themselves through my eyes – so that they can also feel what I feel when looking at them.

Even 3 seconds would be enough – I believe it could save lives – we are way too harsh on ourselves.