ARI CARES Interview: Katarina Papp, Eco-Blogger and Founder of Circular Economy Start-Up

Katarina Papp has become a spokesperson on eco-living, plastic waste and recycling in Estonia. As a mum of 2, she started her Ökopere (Eco-Family in Estonian) blog in 2019 and founded RingKarp, a start-up that aims to eliminate single-use take-away packaging and replace it with a circular system.

Who do you care about the most?

I care about the well-being of my family, a bright future for my children and thus the environment.

Why or how has this become important to you?

We, humans, are a part of the ecosystem. I realised that I can’t have the best for my children if I don’t take care of the environment. Eco-friendly lifestyle has so many advantages for our human lives and I’m passionate about sharing my own experience as a mum of 2.
Many of us probably understand that eco-friendly living is healthier for our bodies and the planet, but I want to show that it can also be more affordable and makes life easier.

Who or what inspires and impacts your journey?

Honestly, I’m inspired by the environmental problems I see around me. I’m driven to find solutions that allow me and my family to enjoy a comfortable life without burdening the environment.
I’m a huge fan of zero-waste! I don’t want or need unnecessary stuff in my life. I rather spend my time and money on experiences and creating incredible memories. And I do my best to inspire people to see that less is truly more.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would like to be able to eliminate the over-consumption-craze from the Western society. We can make an impact only by consuming less. And leave our children a healthy planet with more fish in the sea than plastic.