“I admire wisdom, diligence, creativity and people with an open mind.”

Ingrid Hindrikson, Expert of Business Collaboration at Tallinn University

Ingrid is the link between us and the scientists at Tallinn University. Thanks to her and the scientist team, our vision for an innovational powder to foam formula came to life.

Who do you care about the most?

Curiosity about life and how humanity is able to influence a more harmonious way of being, which impacts collective happiness. Sometimes it’s even taking us to places where our consciousness has not yet reached.

Why or how has this become important to you?

I have realised that very different people can come together and create something innovative and important. I admire the joint outcomes of science and business and the path of co-creation.

Who or what inspires and impacts your journey?

I admire wisdom, diligence, creativity and people with an open mind. People with the ability to work together with the aim to create something novel and necessary for our own home and for our joint home on planet Earth.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

To make people smile, to share happiness☺